Chiropractic healthcare has grown to become the most popular natural health care choice in the United States. Using natural hands-on care, this system of care stresses the importance of restoring, preserving, and optimizing health in a non-invasive manner without drugs or surgery.

The human body consists of cells, tissues, and organs that are all controlled by the nervous system. The focus of chiropractic healthcare is on that connection between the brain and the body, since your health depends on the proper functioning of the nervous system.

At the base of the chiropractic philosophy is the belief that the body will naturally seek a proper balance among the various systems working together within it. These systems work within a structure and if that structure is impaired, it cannot properly function.

The spinal column is a complex structure designed to contain and protect the spinal cord while still remaining mobile.

The spine is made of stacked vertebrae, with joints called articulations at each segment. When there is a subluxation – they are out of place or not functioning properly – it can cause problems with the nerves that exist within them, which then causes issues with the signals they carry. These are the signals sent and received by the brain that provides proper body function and optimal health.

When the spine is out of alignment, it can irritate the nerves as they exit the spine and when those nerves are irritated they don’t work properly. When those nerves don’t function normally, it can cause problems with the tissues they are designed to work with. This chain reaction of events is known as an “end-organ” effect and is the main focus for chiropractic care.

So, simply speaking, chiropractic care is concentrated on how the spine and its surrounding tissues functions – and how well they are working. We do this because if your nervous system is operating at full capacity then your body will be able to heal itself!

We know if your nervous system is working at 100%,
then your body can rely on its own intelligence to heal itself.
It’s that simple!