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Jones Family Chiropractic located in Redmond, WA and serving Bellevue and the Greater Seattle areas,  offers chiropractic treatments for general health and injuries related to work or automobile accidents. Here are some of the common causes for chiropractic treatments.


Conveniently located in Redmond, WA, and serving the entire family!

Complimentary Consultation

Dr. Jones will provide a complimentary* 15 minute consultation to discuss any immediate chiropractic needs and determine a treatment plan tailored to your current condition.

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State of the Art Software

Jones Family Chiropractic utilizes modern state of the art software to help analyze your issues, track your treatment history and your progress to help ensure the fastest possible recovery

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In-House Digital X-Rays

At Jones Family Chiropractic we offer in-house digital x-rays as a convenience to our patients so they don’t have to be referred out to another location or delay their treatments.

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A recent study published in the scientific journal ‘Spine’ by researchers from Dartmouth Medical center, suggests that most health care providers have seriously underestimated the impact that spinal problems have on people’s quality of life.
“I have been seeing Dr. Brian for one year and I am literally pain free. I had severe back and neck pain due to bad posture and scoliosis. I was amazed to see that my hips were perfectly even on my last x-ray taken at Evergreen Hospital on a routine checkup. His team provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Every time I leave Dr. Brian feeling good and relaxed. I love coming there.”
Christoph B.

Redmond, WA

“Brian Jones is a “Miracle Worker”. From the first moment you enter his practice you can automatically feel a sense of healing and care. He has advanced understanding of human physiology paired with a sixth sense that by merely observing brief posturing or body language, pinpoint the precise origin of blockage or discomfort. Then by the perfect combination of push+pull+pressure you are rejuvenated and energized and again in harmony. I strongly urge you to visit Dr. Brian.”
David C.

Kirkland, WA

“As an RN, I’ve always been skeptical of alternative treatments to medical problems. But when my neurologist told me my muscle spasms and leg cramps were due to a herniated disc, I was left only with the option of back sugery. Dr. Jones changed my life! The pain went from a 10 to a 1 and walking became a pleasure again. Due to Dr. Jones’ treatment, I have increased mobility and become pain free, all without surgery.”
Rena J.

Registered Nurse


“Chiropractic Adjustments keep these vertebra moving so that we are pain-free, decrease muscle tightness, healthy disc, free of headaches and keep our entire spine mobile so we can live at our bodies best. Have your spine checked out to see where or if you have any of these restrictions!”
– Dr. Brian Jones / Jones Family Chiropractic