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What Our Customers Have To Say ...

I try to lead an active lifestyle running and biking. I enjoy running marathons and biking long distances. My goal is to stay healthy and active into my 80’s and 90‘s. Unfortunately, I am a victim of self-abuse of my lower back. I was never careful about the way I treated my back when I was younger. After years of this behavior and suffering through numerous muscle and nerve injuries, I was no longer able to bounce back with my traditional remedy of taking anti-inflammatory drugs, stretching and exercise. The sciatica I developed was both annoying and debilitating. I just couldn’t get relief and bounce back to feeling well and healthy. That is until I began receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones has been able to restore a major degree of functionality and flexibility to my spine that I was losing with each injury. And probably best of all he has taught me the value of proper vertebrae alignment and how important it is to keep this alignment to stay healthy and active. I am back to running and training for marathons and find long distance bike riding pleasurable. If I have a sciatica flare-up, and I still do, my recovery time is so quick now that I no longer consider it a problem. And one thing I really like is that I am no longer dependant on anti-inflammatory drugs to get pain relief.

Bill H.

Marathon Runner

I didn’t realize how bad things were until I discovered how much better I could feel. Loss of motion and flexibility is a loss in quality of life. Thanks to Dr. Brian, I have my quality of life back!

Keri C.

Redmond, WA

Loraine G.

Redmond, WA

I got whiplash in a ear accident. After 3 months of working with Dr. Brian I am symptom free, and actually I feel BEITER than I did before the accident. My range of motion in my neck is back to normal and my headaches are gone. Thank you, Dr. Brian!

Kim T.

Bellevue, WA

As an RN, I’ve always been skeptical of alternative treatments to medical problems. But when my neurologist told me my muscle spasms and leg cramps were due to a herniated disc, I was left only with the option of back surgery. Dr. Jones changed my life! The pain went from a 10 to a 1 and walking became a pleasure again. Due to Dr. Jones’ treatment, I have increased mobility and become pain-free, all without surgery.

Jena J.


Before coming to Jones Family Chiropractic, I was plagued with migraines, lower back, and neck pain. Dr. Brian explained to me that there was a reason for my problems, my neck was straight as a board, my back was out of alignment, and it was causing a lot of tension. He was confident that he could fix it. Being a natural skeptic, I reluctantly began treatment. After the first adjustment, I began to feel better. Here we are 9 months later, and I have yet to experience a migraine, my neck feels better, and I’m off my medication! Overall, I feel better, have much more energy, and I’m able to carry out an active lifestyle, pain-free! Love my continued improvements to Dr. Brian. I am forever grateful, and will only refer friends and family to Jones Family Chiropractic.

Zach R.

Redmond, WA

I have been seeing Dr. Brian for one year and I am literally pain free. I had severe back and neck pain due to bad posture and scoliosis. I was amazed to see that my hips were perfectly even on my last x-ray taken at Evergreen Hospital on a routine checkup. His team provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Every time I leave Dr. Brian feeling good and relaxed. I love coming there.

Christoph B.

Redmond, WA

My name is Greg Jensen, and I have never believed in chiropractic adjustments. On day a friend of mine recommended me to Brian Jones Chiropractic, because I had a constant neck and lower back problem. One year and 8 months later my neck and lower back have never felt better. My neck is completely healed and lower back is ready for battle. Brian Jones Chiropractic has changed my life for the better. And, he can do the same for you!

Greg J.

Bellevue, WA

Brian Jones is a “Miracle Worker”. From the first moment you enter his practice you can automatically feel a sense of healing and care. He has advanced understanding of human physiology paired with a sixth sense that by merely observing brief posturing or body language, pinpoint the precise origin of blockage or discomfort. Then by the perfect combination of push+pull+pressure you are rejuvenated and energized and again in harmony. I strongly urge you to visit Dr. Brian.

David C.

Kirkland, WA

I came to Brian after sustaining a back injury. I am happy to say, I feel much better and really appreciate Dr. Jones attention to detail.

Jen H.

Sammamish, WA

My first visit to Dr. Brian will always stand out in my mind. I was practically crawling in on my hands and knees, unable to take a breath without hurting. After taking care of the pain – he began the process of helping me become pain-free. After setting up a plan of office visits, exercise, and stretches, I began my journey. I’ve learned through chiropractic care I can live pain-free. Dr. Brian has taught me how to ‘read’ my body. I know when my body has had enough. In January 2009 -I was in a car accident; my 1″ stop was Dr. Brain. Since I had been going to him every 2 weeks -I feel my recovery was much quicker than if I had not already been receiving care. Through the treatment plan set up for me – my headaches are gone and my back no longer hurts constantly. Dr. Brian not only takes care of me – he also treats my husband, son, and daughter. We as a family look forward to Our visits to Dr. Brain’s office. When you walk in the door – you become a part of their family – and that’s worth more than I can say!!!

Karen W.

Mom, Accident Victim