Mood swings are more than just feeling like you’re having a bad day. Mood swings are often abrupt and interrupt a person’s life, thus affecting their quality of life. During mood swings a person may experience euphoria, depression, terror, or elation; and experiencing all these emotions within such a short time frame can not only be stressful, but exhausting as well.

While it may seem as though mood swings occur for no real reason, they are actually a result of chemical imbalances within the brain. Links to mood and brain chemistry have been documented in cases of depression, bipolar, and other psychological disorders. Typically, medication is used to correct these chemical imbalances, but recent research has given credit to alternative treatments in assisting to re-balance the body in a way that decreases instances of, or eliminates the occurrence of, mood swings.

For individuals suffering from mood swings, whether chronic or acute, pharmaceuticals have been the most widely spread and widely publicized method of coping. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals are expensive, take a toll on the organs of the body, and can also be attached to a negative social stigma. This social stigma may not only impact the individual’s social life, but it may also impact the way they feel about themselves. Luckily, pharmaceuticals aren’t the only option for treatment. Chiropractics and Psychology are actually more intertwined than is widely known. In fact, biology and Psychology work together frequently to shape our minds and bodies. This is where a chiropractor comes in.

Our bodies are designed to work to correct health issues, this process is known as homeostasis. This concept applies to both the body and mind, and thus our biological systems are built to detect changes and readjust the body to optimal settings. Unfortunately, our bodies are not always able to adjust to all the different factors that they are exposed to in today’s fast paced environment. Factors like stress, injury, vitamin deficiencies, and illness can all throw off body chemistry.

Recent research into the area of alternative medicines for mood disorders has shown that chiropractics have great promise in supporting, and assisting in correcting the nervous system. More specifically, research is supporting the principle of “supremacy of the nervous system.” This principle credit’s the nervous system for keeping our bodies healthy and balanced, and thus calls upon individuals to support the nervous system in doing this job.

Specific chiropractic adjustments are given to do just this. Adjustments work to improve the function of the nervous system. This will create a situation in which the nervous system is functioning at it’s optimal levels, thus the nervous system is quicker and more efficient in balancing the body’s chemistry. And, the result of balanced body chemistry is a decrease or elimination of issues that occur due to imbalanced body chemistry, such as mood disorders.

In addition to improving nerve function to improve mood, improved nerve function allows us to think more clearly and kick that groggy or hazy feeling. It also works to energize the body, allowing for higher function during the day. And lastly, it works to increase the restfulness and depth of sleep. All of these factors also work to improve mood, after all, when we’re physically feeling our best, our mood is at it’s best and most stable.