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At Jones Family Chiropractic we offer in-house x-rays as a convenience to our patients so they don’t have to be referred out to another location.

Why do chiropractors take x-rays?

Dr. Brian believes x-rays are a critical tool in assisting with the diagnosis and treatment of stuck bones in our spinal column that we call “subluxations”. X-rays help identify osteoarthritis, disc degeneration and rotations of these bones which are all indications of a subluxated vertebra. This also helps the patient with a visual picture of the problem and the effects it’s having on the degeneration of their spine and ultimately their health.

Dr. Brian then takes these listings to properly adjust the spine in the correct location and direction to treat the problem.

Why chiropractic X-rays? To see is to know….. not to see is to guess…. and we won’t guess about your health.

X-rays can also identify other major problems like pathology, congenital disorders, scioliosis, or other contraindictions to chiropractic treatment.