As you know, the three-dimensional freedom of swimming allows you to use muscles in ways you simply can’t on dry land. This can sometimes lead to painful over extensions, particularly in the lower back and neck, as many popular strokes require rapid and repetitive spinal movements.

Most often, it is simple overuse of a muscle or joint that plagues swimmers. This why they often struggle to maintain peak conditioning while managing injuries. Chiropractic care works especially well for swimmers because it reduces their recovery time and allows them to get back in the water more quickly following an injury.
Chiropractic care for swimmers usually involves acute care to reduce inflammation and discomfort and hands-on alignment work to identify and correct the underlying cause of the problem. These programs of care often involve independent exercise, as well.

Shoulder injuries are particularly common in swimmers. The two main steps to help prevent this are adopting proper swim technique and addressing any shoulder-muscle imbalances. Preventative (shoulder-focused) resistance training and stretching are very helpful for this purpose.
“Swimmer’s shoulder” is quite preventable. But it’s always possible, and when it does occur, it generally responds well to chiropractic treatments. Generally speaking, the earlier the symptoms are addressed, the shorter the recovery phase and better the response.

In the majority of cases, targeted chiropractic treatment can help patients recover from swimmer’s shoulder in a surprisingly short amount of time.